The history of our house

In 1618 duke "Hans the younger" (the brother of the third Danish king) bought the noble good Nuebel and set up a manor house in 1628. In those days a broad castle ditch with a drawbridge was part of such an estate after old chivalry. Today you can still see 3/4 of the old castle ditch. Also our vaulted cellar roofs of the old manor almost remained unchanged.

In 1750 duke "Friedrich von GlŘcksburg" had pull down the old manor house and had set up a new, greater one on the vaulted cellars roofs. The text, engraved on the brass plate of the lion shaped doorknocker still announces today:

I am build
Duke Friderich
Friederichs dahl I am called
Gods blessings and rules
To all those
Who will stay here

The people described the manor as a hunting lodge. In those days the nobles assembled in the wide hall of Friderichdahl after hunting, to celebrate a often moisty and happy hunting feast.

Friderichdahl went for lease after duke Friderich died and got parceled out by the danish king. In the same year 1789, a relative of the to day owners bought this place and ever since it stayed in family property. Also the importance of farming at Friedrichstal remained unchanged untill today.

1999, after extensive renovations, the restaurant / cafe called

Jagdschlo▀ Friedrichstal

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